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We are a lace manufacturer and dyeing service provider based in Fuzhou City, Fujian, the PRC. Our history can be traced back to 2002, when our founders established Fujian Deyun Technology Co., Ltd. We are primarily engaged in manufacturing and sales of lace to our customers to produce branded lingerie products. With our experienced research and development team, we offer a wide portfolio of lace design for our customers to choose or tailor-made our lace products according to their specifications, such as design, length, width, threads density count and texture. For our dyeing services, our customers are mainly lace and swim wear manufacturers who would provide us with their own lace and swim wear fabrics for us to dye before further ...

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Full grasp of fashion trends

The new design took 32 years to develop

We mainly produce different kinds of high-end and middle-end high density lace and regular density lace. We use environmentally friendly dyes and additives for after-processing. Our products are fully in line with the relevant domestic industry standards, including FZ/T 73027-2016 Textile Industry Standard (Warp Knitted Lace) of China. We have also been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 since November 2015 for quality management system for our design and production of lace and OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles STANDARD 100 since September 2018, which shows that the quality of our products meets the international stringent requirements on product safety.

Quality is absolutely controlled

Self-owned textile factory

We adhere to the modern management philosophy, attaching great value to product research and development, insisting on independent design and independent development, and have a strong research and development team.

We have an advanced EAT software design system, which can design and develop a variety of patterns automatically. We have more than 40 German-manufactured Karl Mayer machines,  one of the most advanced production equipment recognized internationally, a full range of lace production equipment (such as RSJ5/1,  MRPJ43/1, and JL42/1), 4 Taiwanese Co

Power dyeing automatic drip system, and 2 base liquid automatic preparation machines. With these, we can achievefull digital control of the proofing process and preparation, ensuring efficient and precise proofing.

We have a strong commitment to attain high quality in our production process. We adopt the principle of total quality management and provide regular training to our staff in terms of quality assurance. We are equipped with advanced quality testing machines, such as washing fastness testing machine and formaldehyde testing machine, to ensure consistency in our quality control. We have adopted ERP system which provides a traceability record system in relation to details of materials used in each order. All our products packages are labelled with codes which facilitate easy retrieval of production data. If there are quality issues with our products, our ERP system enable us to promptly ascertain the source of defects throughout the production process identify the defective lot of products and take appropriate remedial measures to rectify the issues and to prevent future recurrence.

Weaving workshop
Twisting workshop
Dyeing workshop
Finalize the design workshop
Wash setting shop

Rich in experience

Extensive experience in textile accessories production

Equipped with more than 100 dyeing machines from Hong Kong Fong’s, Taiwan Tonggeng, and Taiwan Asia Kingdom, 12 German Stenter setting machines, and the introduction of two German Gao Leping washing and scouring machines, we are able to automatically control and adjust the distribution of additives and acidity. Product quality is thus strictly controlled to ensure low energy consumption and high efficiency production.

We believe the experience of our management team is fundamental to our group in building a solid foundation for the subsequent development of our business. We are managed under a core management team possessing more than 20 years of experience in the lace production and dyeing services industry. Further,

as a result of the efforts by our dedicated research and development team, we have 7 computer software for design of lace pattern and more than 40 invention and utility model patents. In recognition of our str

ong research and development capacity in 2019, we have the status of “High and New Technology Enterprise” and Provincial Level Enterprise Technology Centre, and chosen as the top 10 competitive enterprise of the weaving industry of China (2005-2015) in 2015.


According to the domestic development and foreign import and export of China's textile industry in 2016, there may be three trends in the development of China's textile industry in the future, for whi


The executive meeting of The State Council, held on August 24, had only one topic at its core: to promote the improvement of consumer goods standards and quality, and to increase the effective supply

How to choose clothing fabric?
Clothing is made up of three elements: style, color and material. The material is the basic element. Clothing material refers to all the materials that constitute clothing, which can be divided into clothing fabric and clothing accessories.

How the stand or fall that discriminates cloth chooses good cloth?
Feel good, use comfortable, easy to dye, flower variety changes rich, soft and warm, moisture absorption, with less static electricity, alkali resistance is not acid resistance.
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